Deliverables and Reference material

For more information about the READI project and related topics, please have a look at the following material availaible.

General Presentations related to READI

READI JIP general presentation

About READI technology

Introduction to semantic technology and ontologies

Meaningful data – Making possible a scalable and reasoning-enabled digital asset model

In this video READI is presented as a use case for how requirements management in capital industries can benefit from ontology-based methods. A new kind of service, integrating industrial ontologies with the templates needed to use them correctly is presented. This is one of the building blocks of the READI framework, and is included in the READI tool suite.

Reference Designation System for Oil and Gas

During the winter and spring of 2020, the work related to development of the first version of a Reference Designation System for oil and gas industry has been executed. The 1st revision of the RDS-O&G was launched in a webinar June 25th 2020. More information, access to the 1st revision of the RDS-O&G, recording of the launch webinar and  presentations used are available on the Reference Designation System for Oil and Gas page

Demonstrations of digital transformation

The READI JIP is currently developing the READI TIRC tool for management of digital requirements. During the first half of 2020 we have demonstrated new features and functionality added to the tool bi-weekly. We aim at continuing this.

The sessions are run as webinars using TEAMS Live Event, and they are open to all interested parties. Below you will find dates, times and links to the scheduled sessions. Recordings of past events are also available.

So far the demos have been very popular ( we had around 150 people attending some of the events).

Recordings, presentations and other relevant material from some of the demonstrations are made available below.

Upcoming demonstrations

No demonstrations planned for the time being.

Completed demonstrations
#7 Friday 26.06.2020

Recording of the demo

Presentation from the session

Questions and answers from the event

#6 Friday 12.06

Recording of the demo – please note that the part presented by Aibel has been removed.

Presentation from the session

Questions and answers from the event

#5 Friday 29.05.2020

Recording of the demo

Presentation from the session

Questions and answers from the event

ISO 15926 - 14 Industrial top level ontology

ISO 15926 is a key building block in the READI Information Model Framework, providing the “grammar” of the common language for machine intelligible requirements (and ultimately for digital twins based on industrial information standards). A Technical Report was completed earlier in READI. This proposed new version of the standard has two major “upgrades”:

  1. Nine industrial use cases including modelling examples, illustrating use of ISO 15926 Part 14 have been developed. This is expected to significantly improve the usability and understanding of this standard.
  2. A detailed account of how to represent life cycle information, with application to ISO/IEC 81346, is included.

The proposal has been developed as a collaborative effort between experts from Siemens, Shell, Aker Solutions/Ix3, University of Oslo, POSC Caesar and DNV.

Please contact READI if you are interested to learn more.