The READI JIP has successfully concluded

The project's web pages are kept open

READI JIP was concluded with a live streamed event May 2022. Here it was discussed how the industry can take advantage of the deliverables from the project. More than 120 professionals across the energy sector joined the live streaming.

The web page for the project is kept alive, so that the material from the project is available to the industry community. This includes recordings, presentations and Q&As from the concluding event, in addition to much more.

Addressing needs in the entire oil and gas value chain

Today owners, operators, EPCI contractors and suppliers in the oil and gas industry spend massive amounts of expert man hours to specify, implement and verify requirements versus design, yet repeatedly resulting in quality deviations in project execution and operation.

The Joint Industry Project (JIP) READI (REquirement Asset Digital lifecycle Information) addresses this by establishing a platform for automated digital verification of requirements and design in the oil and gas industry, including governance and validation.

When in place, the platform will enable computers to read and perform automatic reasoning on requirements to validate consistency and verify engineering and operational data with accuracy at minimal cost and time expenditure from concept definition to decommissioning.

Using advanced digital technology to reshape and automate current business processes

  • Strengthen the competitive edge of the oil and gas industry
  • Improve quality, reduce failures and enhance safety in projects and operations of assets
  • Accelerate digitalization and standardization in the global oil and gas industry
  • Gain efficiency through automation of work processes in engineering, procurement and operation


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